How long have you been making your own clothes?

I sewed my first ever garment (a simple a-line skirt) when I was 11. I sewed on and off for the next decade, and really got into sewing on a consistent basis when I graduated from college.

How did you learn to sew?

I am a self taught sewer and designer. I have mostly learned from trial and error over the years. Recently I started going through some of the online tutorials on Bluprint.

what do you do with the clothes you make?

Most of the clothes I make are for myself. I have made things for other people a few times, and have found that I don’t enjoy very much. I like having full control over the design process, and then be able to pair the things I make together to form a more cohesive wardrobe. BUT, as I have learned to sew, I have also learned more of my style and aesthetic, so I have many clothes that I have made that I either do not like anymore or were not made with the quality level that I like to wear. I use a lot of those old clothes as fabric scraps to make muslins of new things I am making.

Why do you work in collections?

I currently work with 9 piece seasonal collections. I have found that working in collections instead of individual pieces helps me to better slow down and think through what I am making. It is a process that has helped me develop more on the design end of sewing and figure out my style and aesthetic.