Winter Collection Planning

There are a few questions I have been asked about where to start when planning a seasonal collection. So, I want to kick off my Winter Collection with answering a few questions about how I started planning and collecting ideas for these nine pieces.

What are some of the first steps that go into planning for a collection?

I keep an eye out for patterns and looks that I want to create. I usually start by saving ideas on instagram and pinterest a few months in advance, and then slowly narrow down to the nine ideas I want to move forward with. I try to keep in mind the overall color scheme and aesthetic I want that collection to have (while also making sure I am building toward my overall personal style goals for my closet as a whole).

I know different makers start in different places with their creative planning process. I usually start with the pattern I want to make and then move to finding fabrics that work. SOMETIMES I will find a fabric that I HAVE to include and I will find a piece that works for it (I do this most when I am trying to clear out my stash or when I find a STAND OUT fabric). I find that if I start with the fabric all the time, then I end up with a bunch of fabrics that I have no idea what to do with. While I am in the process of gathering my patterns and fabrics I lay them all out together so that I can get a visual on how everything looks together and make sure the pieces are cohesive and can mix and match well (my goal is not necessarily for this to be a capsule collection, but I want the pieces to work well together).

I also keep track of how much I spend on the patterns, fabrics, notions, and any other expenses. I am still working out an overall budget for each collection. I want to make quality pieces that use good materials and will last, but I also want to be reasonable about how much I am spending. Loosely my goal has been to spend less than $300 per capsule.

What was my inspiration for the Winter Collection?

My inspiration for this collection came from stepping back, looking at my current wardrobe, and honestly asking myself what I wanted to see more of. I also looked at my dream boards to see what my "dream wardrobe" looked like. The main differences I noticed were that my dream boards had a lot more neutral pieces than my actual wardrobe. So my inspiration for this collection is to increase the amount of neutral colored pieces in my closet, both through basic items like turtlenecks and through more statement pieces like a blazer.

How do you find the time to make clothes as a stay at home mom?

This is one of the questions I get the very most. I think it comes down to two main things: the more you sew, the less you make mistakes and the faster you can make things AND scheduling out when to do everything so that time is used well. I used to make mistakes ALL THE TIME. When you are making something, the part that takes the longest is ripping out a seam and having to redo something. The more experience you have sewing, the less mistakes you make (LESS NOT NONE) and the faster you can go. But also, I would not get nearly as much done if I didn't plan ahead and set deadlines for myself. Part of planning out each capsule is sitting down with a calendar and writing out when I will have each piece made. I try to give each piece about a week to be completed. Some take more and some take less, but having that time frame and deadlines in mind keeps me on track.

What are some of my hopes and goals for this collection?

1) Continue improving on the quality of my sewing. I learned SO much from making the Fall Collection and want to keep pushing myself to slow down and finish each detail well. 2) Document the process better than I did last time. This includes showing the making of each piece and the work that goes into each step of making this collection (this blog post is a good start!) 3) Wear the pieces well. I want to actually wear these pieces and incorporate them into my wardrobe, but I also want to play with styling them creatively. So often handmade items are stand alone pieces or end up looking out of touch with where fashion is at today, and I want to build a wardrobe that is in touch with the fashion of today through the styling of timeless pieces.