Why I Don't Wear My Handmade Clothes

I was recently looking over all of the clothes I have made over the past 3 years and realized something pretty surprising... I don't want to wear most of them. When I look at them hanging in my closet, they don't look like the style of clothing that I want to wear, and so I often go for the store-bought items over my handmade items.

This realization has made me really stop and think about what I am making. Why don't I want to wear the things that I've made? 

There are three main reasons I have found for why I don't like to wear so many of my handmade items:

  • The style and cut of them does not work with my body type or fit with the style of clothes I want to be wearing.

  • The colors of the fabric do not fit with my desired wardrobe color palate.

  • The quality of the handmade items is not high enough for me to want to wear them out in public.

I have taking a break from making clothes the past couple months (hello new baby!) and have spent a lot of time thinking about what direction I want to go with my closet and how I can make items that take me that direction. There are some things that I am going to be doing drastically differently going forward so that I can make clothes that I actually want to wear.

First, I am going to start my clothing making process by looking at my closet instead of looking at fabrics or patterns. What things in my closet do I like and wear a lot? What colors do I love? This will help me better understand my style and what I currently wear. I have a bad habit of making clothes that fit my dream lifestyle instead of my reaistic lifestyle. That needs to change.

Next, I need to plan out what I am going to make before starting. I think the best way to do this is to work in collections instead of individual pieces. When you make one piece at a time it is so easy to get sucked into a standout fabric or killer pattern that might not actually fit in your overall closet. (There are times to make amazing stand out pieces, but this can't be the norm!) Instead, plan out the pieces you want to make for the next month, season, or year before buying anything. Do the patterns fit with your style? Are they wearable? Do the fabrics you are using work with your color palate? I am a super planner, so I would tend to spend way more time on this step than needed, but I think it is so important to spend a long time planning so that the end product is better.

Last, the quality of the items needs to be high. This might be more of a personal preference depending on what you want from your handmade items. I love a good challenge, and I love high end clothing. So I want the pieces I make to be finished and fitted well. Depending on your sewing level, this could take time. I am definatly still in the middle of learing how to sew all different types of garments and fabrics and finishes. But take the time to research the best way to do things, and work slowly when needed. Putting time into making good quality pieces, will make your finished product so much more wearable for a long time to come. 

Let's commmit to making (and buying) wearable clothes that fit our personal styles and will last. It takes work. It takes planning. And it takes time. But our closets and handmade pieces will thank us for it.