Fall Collection Roundup

The Fall Collection was a huge learning experience for me. I got the idea back in the Spring to do this year-long project of making 9 pieces per season. I knew Fall would have to be the first collection because my son was born in the middle of the summer and I needed a little recovery time before starting up. But even with the extra planning time, there was still so much that I changed and learned and grew from during the process of making the 9 pieces and seeing them all together. I can see improvement in my own sewing skills over the course of making the Fall pieces; I can see more discovery of my personal style through the things I liked and disliked about these pieces. And overall I learned what I want to build on and change and improve for the upcoming seasonal collections. So, here's to the first 9 piece collection that taught me so much and is the starting point of many exciting things to come:

Piece #1: The Square Neck Top


This pattern is the Square Neck Top by Friday Pattern Company. I absolutely love the patterns they have designed and this top is one of my favorites. I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern including dropping the armhole by 1" (to account for this being a woven instead of a knit fabric), lengthening the top by 2" to make it a little less cropped, and adding the front button up plackets and buttons. This top is so simple and easy to adapt to however you want it to look. I will definitely be coming back to make another one! The fabric is a linen polyester blend.

Piece #2: The Tie Shoulder Jumper


This piece was the wildcard in the collection. This was not what I had in mind from the beginning, but I saw this DIY pattern a few weeks into making this collection, and immediately knew it would be a perfect fit for this pattern that had been in my stash for ages. This jumper was not made from a formal pattern. I traced a RTW (ready to wear) dress that I had in my closet and then drew out the shape of the ties right onto the fabric. A full tutorial for how to make this is on merricksart.com along with some other fun DIY projects. Tracing your own RTW clothes is such a fun way to try new things or start out if you are new to sewing. It is a more of a laid back and creative process than following a pattern. This fabric is a polyester blend, that I picked out because I wanted something in this pattern (I usually try to avoid polyester based fabrics.)

Piece #3: The Wide Leg Pants


This was my second time working with this Flint Pants pattern from Megan Nielsen (I made up some shorts last year), and I cannot recommend this pattern highly enough. I have been seeing wide leg pants everywhere for the past year or two and have been a little nervous to try this trend out for myself, but, YOU GUYS, I have worn these more than any of the other 9 pieces to date. This pattern is so flattering and comfortable. These have become a true wardrobe stable are so easy to style. This fabric is a stiffer cotton that holds the shape of the wide left for a more dramatic look.

Piece #4: The Mock Neck Top


This mock neck top is my one refashion in the bunch. I made this as a short sleeve top last year and never totally loved it because the fit was weird around the shoulders. So, I decided to chop off the sleeves, and WOW now I absolutely love it. It is amazing how a simple change can take a garment from not wearable to a favorite. This project has me thinking about what other items in my closet could become more wearable with little refashions... This fabric is merino wool from The Fabric Store. This is truly one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It is so light and soft, but still has a cozy feel to it. It's perfect for all seasons!

Piece #5: The Pencil Skirt


Ahhh my glam piece... This fabric has been in my stash the longest of all of the fabrics used in this collection. I've known that I wanted to make a skirt with it for so long, and this collection finally gave me an opportunity to do it. I used the #M3830 skirt pattern from McCall's and it came together so easily. The fabric is eyelet so I lined it with a copper silk lining from The Fabric Store. There is a Rose Gold zipper up the back that stands out so beautifully against the copper. Even thought this is a fancier piece to have in my wardrobe, I have already worn it quite a few times and love the way it pairs with Fall colors. This piece has become way more of a closet staple than I thought it would!

Piece #6: The Button Up


This classic little button up was a total surprise for me. I LOVED making it (the fabric is a stretch cotton and was a DREAM). But, when I tried it on I was unsure if I liked the style, and it wasn't until I took the pictures in it and looked over them that I really fell in love with it. This pattern is the Melia Blouse from the free patterns on Mood's blog. I made a couple of alterations like chopping off the long sleeves and making the collar a little less pointy. I could not decide on the buttons for the longest time and I have even thought about changing them out for classic white buttons. But, for now I'm trying to love the bold contrast against the white. Overall, this top is stretching my style in a really good way, and I'm excited to put together some fun closet outfits using this top!

Piece #7: The Slip Dress


Slip dresses are, in my opinion, an essential piece to any wardrobe. They are great for layering, for wearing alone, for wearing underneath or on top: basically good for anything. This slip dress is just that. I have worn it in so many different ways, and I know it will get so much wear in my closet. The pattern is an Ogden Cami hack. All I changed was adding length and shortening the straps an inch on each side (because I sized up to help it layer better). The fabric is a buttery soft tencel twill from Mood. I want to make everything in this fabric now because it is absolutely a dream to work with!

Piece #8: The Jumpsuit FAIL


Every sewer has fails, and I wanted to include my fail as one of my 9 pieces to encourage myself and others that failure is part of the process and is not an end point or indicator that we are not good at something. I had high hopes for this pattern and fabric, but I also knew this pattern was a bit of a risk for me. One of my first mistakes was sizing down instead of up. My measurements fell between sizes and this pattern definitely needs to be sized up. Overall, I think this pattern would have a better fit on someone with a smaller bust size and smaller thighs. I am still debating what to do with this piece as I wont be wearing it in its current form. I have some possible refashions in the works, so we will see how it turns out!

ANNNNDDDD...Piece #9: The Paper Bag Waist Pants


These paper bag waist pants literally made some of my dreams come true. I have been wanting to make these pants for over a year, but could not find a pattern I liked. That is until I found the Tully Pants pattern from Style Arc. These pants came together so easily and are some of the most comfortable and wearable pants I have ever owned. The fabric is the same as what I used for the black slip dress: Tencel Twill from Mood (I was serious when I said I want all my clothes to be made out of this fabric...).

Overall I would say I learned 3 main things from this beginning Fall Collection that I want to improve on in my next collections:

1. Wearability is KEY. Going forward with my collections I want to focus on making sure the pieces fit into my lifestyle and are wearable in my everyday life.

2. Strive for Cohesion. I want the things I make to work well together and build my overall personal style.

3. Get better at Blogging the Process!