Fall Pieces with Style Maker Fabrics

I am so excited to be joining the Fall Blog Tour for Style Maker Fabrics. Michelle is the owner of this online fabric shop and does all the work to curate high quality, on-trend fabrics for each season. She graciously offered to send me some of the fabrics from her new fall line and let me tell you, I had the hardest time picking what I wanted because there were so many options. But the three fabrics I picked are amazing and way better in person that they looked on my screen. Also, one more note about these makes: I live in LA so Fall is really a slightly cooler extension of summer. So I made pieces that could be worn with cooler outfits or paired and layered to be a little warmer. Its all about versatility over here because of the 20 degree temperature change from morning to noon and the arctic AC temps inside any building.

The first fabric I picked was a rayon crepe (“Autumn Wild Flowers Rayon Crepe Black/Turmeric” on the website). I was drawn to this because I LOVE black and mustard/gold colors together and I love this type of flower print. I did not even notice the blue flowers at first because they really blend into the black background until you look more closely. I love a fabric that looks one way from far away and then is more interesting as you get closer. This is a pretty slippery fabric so I wanted to make something basic with only a couple pattern pieces. I drafted this jumpsuit based on some inspo from my Pinterest combined with my own desires for this style. I ended up draping a muslin on my body form to get the shape, gathering, length and all that I wanted. It was my first time truly draping something instead of making a flat pattern. I actually loved the process and definitely want to try it again. This whole design is two front panels, two back panels, and bias binding around the neckline and armholes/straps. I thought about adding pockets and adjustable straps (and honestly if I went back to make this again, I would), but I wanted SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE for this time so no pockets and adjustable parts. It was the quickest design to sew up, and definitely one that I want to keep working with and….maybe sell someday…. who knows…. I have a few ideas for this one ;)


I love wearing this jumpsuit with a solid tee underneath or with a denim jacket and white sneakers.

The second fabric I picked from Style Maker Fabrics is one I have had my eye on for a while: cotton black double gauze (“Cotton Double Gauze Solid Black” on the website). I am in love with double gauze right now. It is so easy to work with and I think it is the perfect blend of lightweight and cozy (you know what I mean if you’ve worn it!). This is not a fabric that I see often in RTW stores, and it is such a shame because it makes for a true gem of a garment. If I were to make and sell clothing, this is definitely a fabric I would be using! Style Maker has EIGHT colors of this fabric and I am definitely going back for more. They are all gorgeous neutral and jewel tones, perfect for Fall. I have been wanting to try a wrap top, and this was a perfect fit for this fabric. I did a wrap top fusion of the Morning Glory Top by Sarah Kirsten, the Wrap Top by Peppermint Mag, and my own tweaks. Overall it didn’t turn out perfect, but the fabric is so forgiving and hides the pattern mixing issues. Imperfections aside, this top is so comfortable to wear and I love the different options for wearing it frontward or backward and tying it all sorts of ways.

I am thinking I’ll wear this top a lot with some boyfriend jeans and black flats or boots.


The last fabric was the hardest for me to decide on because I couldn’t settle on the color, but WOWOWOW when I received this cinnamon rib knit (“Luxury Plush Rib Sweater Knit Cinnamon” on the website) all doubts were way behind me. LUXURY very correctly describes this fabric. It is a medium weight rib knit, completely opaque and a perfect consistency for a top or cardigan or drapy dress. Also, there are six different colors of this fabric (did I mention it took me forever to decide which color to get because they are all so pretty!!) I decided to double layer it for this skirt to give it a little more strength and shape. I basically made an infinity scarf/tube top as a skirt and put elastic around the waist. Super simple, super comfy. I think rib knits can be daunting to sew with and my biggest tip is to use a long stitch length (a small stitch length will make the fabric all wavy). I also have found it helpful to almost push my fabric toward the foot instead of holding it taught so that it doesn’t get stretched out during the sewing process. And then give it a good press when you finish to get rid of any waves in the seams. Test those tips out on a scrap fabric first to see if they work for your fabric and machine, but on a basic level that has helped my knits turn out a little better. This skirt looks fancier paired with this top, but I think I will end up wearing it more with a graphic tee, denim jacket, and sneakers. I love dressing knit skirts more casually.

That is a wrap on my three pieces with Style Maker Fabrics. If you just scrolled to the end, then the basic point is that I love these fabrics and am definitely planning to go pick up some more. I am so impressed with how well Michelle picks up on current runway and fashion trends and puts those together with seasonal trends. Here is the direct link to her full Fall Fabric Collection, go check it out and let me know what you get! Stay tuned for the rest of the Fall Blog Tour picking up tomorrow with Lindsey from Inside the Hem.