Hi, I’m Becca. Welcome to

36 Pieces.

This blog was born out of my desire to learn more about what it practically looks like to love both fashion and sustainability. My hope for you is that you would join me in considering what it means to slow down when it comes to fashion, to shop less and wear more. I invite you into this space and welcome to join me in learning what it means for personal style to be shaped by a conscious awareness of both ends of this paradox.

I am currently in a place of discovery both of myself and of the fashion industry, and while I spend time in this season I have been drawn to more minimal and purposeful thinking when it comes to my closet. I want each piece of clothing I own to be thought out and cohesive with the rest of my closet. This mindset has not only been incredibly shaping of my personal style, but has also helped to slow down my shopping habits and savor the clothing I own.

But minimal living is not my only response to my journey through this contradiction of fashion and sustainability. I also have a creative mind that loves bringing to life my own designs and building a truly one-of-a-kind wardrobe. I love making clothes and have been challenging myself recently to slow down and make each piece of clothing with quality and care. While my goal is not to have an entirely me-made wardrobe, I do feel so much more intimatly connected with my closet as a result of seeing my designs hanging alongside my store bought clothing.

My interest in sustainable fashion began in my last year of college when I stumbled across this video made by Cladwell that explains the explosion of fast fashion in the modern world, and comments on the impractical lifestyles that result from this. After seeing this video I dove into the ever growing wealth of information on the fashion industry and the future of fashion when approached both sustainable and unsustainable. The more I have learned, the more deeply I have fallen in love with the sustainable fashion industry, and my greatest wish is that I could inspire you to begin this journey with fashion.